AlphaDeck and ExpressDeck Portable Staging

Choose from 2 different staging systems that are ideal for all types of venues, facilities, and events



Signature's Modular Staging Systems allow you to quickly and easily create tiers of stable raised platforms that work well for all sorts of venues and events. These systems are easy to set up and break down, saving the time and expense required for a custom-built stage. There are two different Portable Stages available, depending on your needs.

ALPHADECK Modular System

The AlphaDeck Staging utilizes telescoping legs and threaded, infinitely adjustable rubber feet. It is a rugged system that is ideal for use over uneven ground or when a high degree of versatility is required. And, since AlphaDeck is compatible with many other staging products, you can integrate AlphaDeck seamlessly into your existing system.

The panels have a gray plywood top with a non-slip finish, although carpeting, turf and other coverings can easily be stapled to the surface if you prefer a different look or style. Guard rails, ramps, stairs, skirts, and rubber feet are available to finish off your platform.

Deck platforms are versatile, rugged, and durable: each 4'x4' platform can support weights over 2,500 lbs. Each is made up of a rugged, durable galvanized metal frame and a removable deck insert supported by a galvanized steel crossbeam that gives the platform additional strength. There are 2 standard-size modular decks available, 4ft x 4ft and 2ft x 4ft. Mix and match deck sizes to create platforms exactly to your specifications.

A simple, yet sturdy, cam-lock system connects the decks securely on all four sides, enabling nearly anyone to quickly create a professional-looking tiered platform system in just a few hours.

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Stage finished with non-slip gray plywood.
  • Platform heights are fully adjustable from 4" to 48".
  • Easily expanded, reconfigured, or adjusted for use in different environments.
  • The galvanized frame will not rust or erode in any environment.
  • Easy to assemble and connect using only one small hand tool.
  • A simple, yet sturdy, cam-lock system connects the decks securely on all four sides enabling nearly anyone to quickly create a professional-looking tiered platform system in just a few hours.
  • Create a tiered floor surface over varied terrain in virtually any configuration.
  • Many accessories available to customize your stage.
  • Universal system is compatible with most other modular platform systems, but with enhanced features.

EXPRESSDECK Portable System

The ExpressDeck system is a very different design: its collapsible riser construction allows it to be set up and broken down very quickly. Platforms are made of layered high-density plywood with a reinforced galvanized steel frame and are finished with dark grey carpet that provides a non-slip surface.

The 4' x 4' platform is the basic building block for your ExpressDeck system. 4' x 1' platforms are used to create stairs or to extend your stage dimensions in 1' increments (8", 16", and 24" heights only). Platforms are comprised of sandwiched layers of honeycombed and high-density plywood, topped with a heavy-duty carpet surface and an galvanized steel frame that contains the hidden locking mechanism. The attractive gray carpet surface reduces noise and prevents slipping, and is hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

ExpressDeck platforms can support weights up to 2,960 lbs (per 4'x4' panel). The risers fold up for easy storage and transportation then unfold and lock to platforms and steps with a simple twist of the included hex key. It's easy to create multi-level tiers by using different riser heights.

  • Designed mainly for indoor use.
  • Collapsible riser construction allows for very fast set up and break down.
  • Many options are available to customize, including stairs, guard rails, and skirting.
  • Extremely lightweight and durable construction.
  • Completely modular construction allows infinite configuration possibilities.
  • Available as individual pieces or in convenient kits that contain everything you need.
  • Packs neatly into available heavy duty travel cases.