HexaDeck Modular Roads & Floors For Tents & Stadium Events

Super Strong Modular Floor Covers To Protect Grass From Massive Equipment, Large Vehicles & Big Crowds In Tents & Stadiums


Heavy-duty portable flooring that is suitable for large-scale tent and special event flooring. Ideal where a more rigid floor is required. Can also be used to create a portable lightweight roadway

HexaDeck® (HD) is Signature's hexagonal-shaped tile system that utilizes a specialized inter-module connection method to provide tremendous strength and weight-loading capabilities. This enables HexaDeck to support the weight of large trucks, forklifts, and other heavy equipment, making it suitable for warehouse tents, vehicle-maintenance tents, temporary-vehicle access roadways, and other heavy-duty shelter applications.

Each hexagonal tile interlocks to adjacent tiles using an easy to use, channel overlay/underlay system. Simply slide each tile next to another HexaDeck section, where it is easily "locked" into place. Unlike square modules, HexaDeck's hexagonal design avoids the structural weakness associated with a four-way joining point. As such it may be also be used as a temporary roadway for access to tent sites.

HexaDeck can be used to create roadways over virtually any type of terrain. It's unique ribbed structure on the underside of each tile distributes weight effectively on uneven and unstable ground conditions which allows HD to be used over sand, gravel, mud, grass, asphalt and other unstable surfaces. With its unique hexagonal shape it is possible to create a roadway of nearly any size or shape, fitting easily around corners and angled edges without cutting or sawing. Because it can support tremendous payloads, HexaDeck can be used to stage and park trailers, trucks, utility vehicles, equipment, and military vehicles.

Use HexaDeck for all types of shelters, including operations, maintenance, personnel and hospital shelters. HexaDeck is made of rugged HDPE making it extremely durable and able to withstand most weather conditions. It is waterproof and will not warp, splinter and there are no metal parts to rust or corrode.

Module Size: Hexagonal shape. Approx. 3 sq/ft (.092 sq/meters) per tile - 26” (.66 meters) at its widest point.  Height is 1.9”

Material:High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Weight:6 lbs per tile-2 lbs sq/ft  (2.72 kg-9.75 kg sq/meter)

Weight Load: 30,000 lbs sq/ft, (146,472 kilos per sq/meter) static load, on solid sub-surface.