EventDeck Ground Protection Covers

The Affordable Tent Flooring System With All- Around Superior Performance


EventDeck® is Signature Flooring's lightweight tent flooring system. It has been used in thousands of tents and at prestigious events and facilities worldwide.

EventDeck's system is designed to provide a rigid, dry, and attractive support base for tables, chairs, and other equipment. It is ideal over level grass, concrete, asphalt, gravel, and dirt surfaces, and will contour to sub-surfaces to prevent "see-sawing." EventDeck will not warp, rot, crack or fade, and is an ideal substitute to lay-down plywood floors.

Choose between ED1 with drainage holes for added grass protection, and ED2 without holes, depending on your needs. Both ED1 and ED2 are ideal as stand-alone floors or as a sub-floor for carpet or turf. Staple or tape carpet and synthetic turf right to EventDeck for the ultimate event flooring combination. Use EventDeck as a base for chairs, tables, and dance floors over grass, mud, dirt, asphalt, gravel, or other typical event venue surfaces. ED1 can also be used as a base for cleaning tents, fabrics and other equipment - its top drainage holes allow dirty water to flow underneath the tiles and away from the material being cleaned.

EventDeck modules connect on all sides using Signature's easy-to-use connection system. This interlocking design allows for rapid installation and removal with minimal labor and no equipment. Individual sections use drainage holes and hidden channels to allow water running down tent sidewalls to flow underneath the floor and tent. An integrated cable channel is included underneath each module for running wires and power cords to center poles, and other in-tent areas.

Remove individual EventDeck sections to accommodate center poles, side poles, and guy ropes, and add transitional edge pieces to provide a more attractive finished look.

EventDeck is shipped pre-assembled in large sheets that are easily and compactly stacked on pallets for storage and shipment.


Module Size: 4" W x 12" L x .75" H (10.16cm x 30.48cm x 1.91cm). Pre-assembled in 3'x4' panels

Material: High-impact polypropylene

Weight: .27 lbs (.12 kg) - 0.81 lbs sq/ft (3.95 kg sq/meter)

Weight Load: 8,000 lbs sq/ft (39,059 kilos sq/meter) static load, solid sub-surface