ArmorDeck Portable Flooring For Major Stadium & Tent Events

The Ultimate Portable Grass Protection Flooring System For Heavy Loads & Maximum Ground Protection


ArmorDeck™ – Heavy-Duty Tent Flooring & Lightweight Roadways

Heavy duty, large-panel system features the most advanced engineered connection system on the market.

ArmorDeck supports heavy weights and protects turf:

  • Large panels are simple to handle for quick installs
  • Self-aligning sections lock together easily in both directions
  • Completely modular and may be configured as required on-site
  • Transported and stored on standard shipping pallets for efficiency
  • System contours to uneven ground conditions
  • Robust enough to handle heavy weights, equipment, vehicles and staging
  • Flexible joints prevent breakage
  • Available with integrated bi-directional cable channel accommodates wires and power cables
  • A 20ft x 20ft shelter can be deployed in 15 minutes with 2 people
  • Simple to clean and maintain with hot or cold pressure washing
  • Durable and long-lasting, waterproof and UV-resistant

ArmorDeck is made using the highest-quality materials:

  • High quality polyethylene plastic has high izod impact value
  • Specific no-break characteristics
  • Built-in 5 year UV package prevents brittleness
  • Connector tabs are specially designed with flexure to prevent breakage
  • Cam locks are manufactured in with a proprietary blend of plastic providing considerably increased strength.

ArmorDeck is the lowest maintenance shelter flooring system available:

  • Attractive anti-slip sandblast finish is easy to clean
  • No unsightly patterns to catch dirt or submerged channels to trap debris
  • Sheets stack flat for efficient storage and transport

ArmorDeck is Signature's premium large-panel special event flooring and turf protection system, designed and engineered to provide superior natural and synthetic turf protection, handle heavy loads, and provide stability. It is the most advanced system on the market today and is the ideal solution for heavy-duty tent and special event flooring or temporary roadways.

ArmorDeck features an integrated connection system, optional drainage and aeration holes, an optional underside layer, an available turf pad system, a durable proprietary plastic cam lock system and unsurpassed liquid spill protection. Each section has a useable surface area of 42" x 42" and is 2" thick – thus providing maximum rigidity and surface protection.

ArmorDeck's unique integrated proprietary plastic cam lock system is self-aligning and creates a very secure connection. For lightweight applications, simply connect the loops for quick and simple installations: the panels are self-aligning and actually guide themselves into place. For more heavy-duty applications, use the secure galvanized steel cam-lock system to tightly secure the panels and provide the ultimate rigid and sturdy shelter floor or portable roadway.

ArmorDeck's underside is engineered to provide strength and turf protection. It's expansive moisture canopy and bi-directional ribbing system helps distribute weight effectively and the ArmorDeck1 with drainage and aeration holes can even allow grass to grow and flourish during the installation.

ArmorDeck is made of rugged HDPE making it extremely durable and able to withstand most weather conditions. It is waterproof and it will not rot, splinter, warp, or get waterlogged.

No other system has been as comprehensively engineered to handle the rigors of the tent and special event industry or incorporates the functionality, features, and weight-loading capabilities of the ArmorDeck.

Cable Channels

CableChannel Specs | Expansion Joints Specs

For any location that needs to be wired for power and computer access, you can create a safer, more level floor using our ArmorDeck panels with integrated Cable Channels. Available for each type of ArmorDeck, these panels have deep, molded channels that allow you to run cables under the surface of your floor, reducing the trip hazard that wires present and protecting them from damage. Simply run your wires and drop in the protective, heavy-duty Cable Access Covers. Avoid injuries and costly damage to equipment while maintaining easy access to your wires and cables.


Exclusive Expansion Joint Modules

Every type of plastic flooring will expand and contract when exposed to intense sunlight or changes in temperature and this "thermal expansion" can cause plastic floor tiles to warp, buckle, or even separate. ArmorDeck's HDPE construction contains UV inhibitors and other additives to protect the panels from the sun, but when panels expand even a fraction of an inch, the cumulative expansion across a large area can cause significant distortion or impede the installation process. These irregularities can present dangerous and unsightly conditions for your staff.

Signature's ArmorDeck is the only large panel modular flooring system with an available expansion joint designed to compensate for the thermal expansion that can occur when a floor is subjected to varying temperatures. These Expansion Joint Modules function like the expansion joints in a bridge or highway and allow the material to contract and expand naturally without warping

Prior to the development of the Expansion Joint Modules for our ArmorDeck, event staff were forced to simply accept the inconvenient reality of thermal expansion and leave unsightly gaps to allow for the floor to expand or hose the tiles down with water to keep them cool and minimize warping.

With ArmorDeck Expansion Joints, you can feel confident the ArmorDeck system will be able to handle temperature fluctuation throughout the day and prevent potential warping or buckling, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing an engineered solution is in place.

The adjustable nature of the Expansion Joints can also be used to close small gaps that may occur when the tent widths and tile widths do not match. The floor can be run right to the wall of your tent without needing to cut the tiles to fit.

Module Size:42" L x 42" W x 2"H (1.067m x 1.067mx 5.08cm)

Material:High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Weight:31 lbs (14.1 kg per tile) (without bottom); 41 lbs per tile (18.59 kg per tile) (with bottom)

Weight Load:25,000 lbs sq/ft (122,060 kilos sq/meter), static load, on solid sub-surface (without bottom). 45,000 lbs sq/ft, (219,708 kilos sq/meter) static load, on solid sub-surface (with bottom).